French Post-doc fellowship in Archeology, until November 9th


The LaScArBx Cluster brings together three laboratories of the Universities of Bordeaux working in the field of Archaeology (broadly defined), in order to implement a large collaborative research programme entitled “Using the world in ancient societies: processes andforms of appropriation of space”. The associated labs (AUSONIUS, PACEA, IRAMATCRP2A) and the main features and objectives of the programme are described at: The LaScArBx is offering a 18 months postdoctoral position assigned to AUSONIUS, a research laboratory specialized in Classics, Ancient (Greek and Roman) History, Archaeology and Medieval Studies (

Position profile

Applicants are expected to promote their own research project, which must be closely related to written/textual sources documenting either Antiquity or Middle Ages, in order to supply an original and significant contribution to the 3rd Axis of the LaScArBx programme ("Written Memory") as well as to the 1rst Axis of AUSONIUS research topics ("Textual Corpora"). ( III-Expressions-du-symbolique-et-espaces-de-la-memoire/r250.html; *Regarding Antiquity, we are looking for a specialist in one or more of the following disciplines : philology (production, transmission and reception of Greek and Latin texts; critical edition, Byzantine studies, etc.), epigraphy of the Greco-Roman world, papyrology (documentary and literary). *Regarding Middle Ages, we are looking for a specialist of Medieval writing pratices (in particular as an expression and instrument of political power). Skills are required in codicology, palaeography, ancient languages (Latin, vernaculars and Medieval Arabic), edition of diplomatic sources, etc.


This call is specifically addressed to recognized level researchers, of any nationality, holding a doctorate degree (in Ancient History, Classical Studies or Medieval Studies) delivered by a French University (except Bordeaux) or a non-French institution. Fellows should not hold or have previously held a research position in Bordeaux area. A fluent knowledge of French and/or English is a pre‐requisite. The successful candidate will be highly motivated, creative, with demonstrated abilities to work in a collaborative environment.

Location, duration and appointments

Host Laboratory: UMR 5607 AUSONIUS (Bordeaux-Montaigne University, FRANCE) The duration of the stay is of 18 months. In addition to the salary (€32,360 gross per year), a travel allowance and research funds (€5,000 for the duration) will be provided.

Procedure and Timetable

Applications must include:

  • a detailed curriculum vitae
  • a description of the research project (5 pages maximum)
  • letters of support from senior scientists

and will be sent before november 9th 2015 to the LaScArBx manager (sylvie.maleret@ubordeaux-, with copy to Pr. Jérôme France (jerome.france@u-bordeauxmontaigne. fr), head of the host laboratory, and Pr. Valérie Fromentin (valerie.fromentin@ubordeaux-, coordinator of the LaScArBx. The applicants preselected at this stage will be invited for an interview in december 2015. The successful applicant is expected to start working in Bordeaux on January 2016, but a later date is possible.