Chateaubriand fellowships


Any field is eligible (Exact and life Sciences, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences).

Since 1988, the French government has been funding Chateaubriand Fellowships. Thanks to them, more than 200 Israeli students and scientists have had the opportunity to pursue research in France.

Far from being simple grant holders, Chateaubriand Fellows benefit from the advantages available to French students: social security, access to university restaurants, lodgings on campus and more. Moreover, Chateaubriand Fellows are advised and helped by the French Consulate to obtain information about the conditions of entry and their stay in France.

Israeli scientists, who are currently studying for a Ph.D. or who have completed their Ph.D., may qualify for a Fellowship from the French Government to conduct research in France. The research will be carried out in a French University, a School of Engineering or a Public Research Laboratory. The most important criterion of selection are excellent academic background of the candidate, scientific quality of the project, scientific quality of the host team, interest of the project for the French-Israeli scientific cooperation over the long term. The jury is composed of Israeli and/or French university professors under the chairmanship of the Scientific Attaché.


Chateaubriand fellowships in a few figures

  • 1060€ per month for PhD student - for a period of 12 months
  • 2055 € per month for Israeli researchers and professors - for a period up of 6 months
  • Health insurance is provided by Campus France (French organization which takes care of your stay in France and your allowance)


  • All disciplines are eligible: Exact sciences, life sciences, medicine, humanities and social sciences.
  • Must have Israeli citizenship; Dual French-Israeli citizenship owners are not eligible to apply !
  • Have been accepted or invited by a French university, laboratory or research institute;
  • For researchers and professors, should be able to provide a valid employment contract or a fellowship with an Israeli research institution.


  • For PhD students, candidate should be born after October, the 1st 1984.
  • For researchers and professors, no age limit

Diploma origin:

  • For PhD students, candidate should have an Israeli Master if the full PhD is done in France OR must be registered for doctorate studies in an Israeli university.
  • For Researchers and Professors, no diploma origin conditions.



The “Chateaubriand 2019-2020″ Call for Proposals is now opened ! 

The deadline for applying is on February the 28st 2019 !


Additional Information The monthly allowance is payable in France and is not taxable. 

Lastly, at the end of your fellowships period in France, a report to the French Embassy in Israel is required regarding your stay in France: Scientific significance, probable future developments, comments on the reception/hospitality, etc. This document should be sent before the end of your fellowship.