Gil KATZ - Chateaubriand Fellowship


In September of 2013, I have arrived to France, after having been accepted to PhD studies in SUPELEC Grande Ecole des Sciences de l’Information et de l’Energie. My thesis, entitled ‘Interactive Communication for Distributed Computing’, is supervised by Prof. Romain Couillet, Prof. Pablo Piantanida and Prof. Mérouane Debbah. During the first year of the studies, which yielded considerable costs for moving into and integrating in a new country, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Chateaubriand fellowship. [...] I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing me as a recipient of the Chateaubriand fellowship. As I mentioned, the scholarship has allowed me to cover the costs of moving to a new place, especially considering the cost of living in Paris. Read more

Haggai LANDA - Chateaubriand Fellowship


The Chateaubriand fellowship has allowed me a continuous transit from my Ph.D. studies to a postdoc position, and in fact, to what has become at least a three-year postdoc position at LPTMS. In this respect the fellowship has inevitably set the course of my postgraduate research, and therefore, possibly, of my entire professional life. On a personal note, I wish to relate my deepest appreciation for the funding and for the support that I received from the personnel at the French Institute at Tel Aviv, which has allowed me to face the welcome and challenging changes in my life, and the life of my family.. Read more or visit my personal webpage.

Uri GANANI - Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship


My name is Dr. Uri Ganani. I am a cultural historian, currently a Minerva Stiftung Postdoctoral Fellow (Max Planck Gesellschaft), at the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, Technische Universität Berlin. I also serve as editor of Yuval Online, a journal for Jewish Music, published by the Hebrew University.

Between August-October 2013 I stayed in Paris for a research purposes, generously supported by a short term postdoctoral research grant provided by the Embassy of France in Israel ("Bourse de Recherche en Sciences Humaines et Sociales")... Read More


Hila ZAHAVI - Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship


Notes form my stay at Science Po Paris as a guest PhD student

During September-October 2014, the Holiday period in Israel, I left my family, two kids and husband and with lots of guilty feelings followed my heart and dreams for an overseas international experience at Science Po Paris. Although being away from my family was difficult, I had a great experience personally, academically and professionally...

Of course, the trip promoted my PhD research and the field work I had to conduct in France and Europe. Alongside the academic and professional development, I think that personally, the experience I had was a "life changing" experience. This month affected who I am today, and of course, who I will be in the future. My perception of myself as an Israeli strengthened, together with a better understanding I got of the French and European culture, values and way of thinking. It might seem contradictory but I feel more Israeli and closer to Europe and France at the same time... Read More

Nimrod GAATONE - Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship


My name is Nimrod Gaatone and I am a Ph.D candidate at the department of Jewish History in Bar-Ilan University in Israel, under the superivion of Dr. Orly Meron, a leading specialist of Jewish economics and social history. My thesis is entitled: "Economic and Social transformations in the Sephardic communities in the Atlantic rim during the early modern era: The case of the Jewish community in St.Esprit-les-Bayonne 1723-1790". Since the beginning of 2013 I amalso a fellow Ph.D candidate at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, under the auspices of the director of the Jewish Studies Center, Prof. Sylvie-Anne Goldberg. Read More


Dr Sandra VALABREGUE - Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship

I had the privilege to be a French Consulate fellow, during the month of November and December 2013. During that period, I have been a visiting scholar in France at the EHESS Center for Jewish Studies directed by Anne-Sylvie Goldberg. The CEJ (Centre des Etudes Juive at the CRH- Centre de Recherches Historique) at the EHESS (l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) is one of the leading academic centers of Jewish studies research in France, located now in the 13th quarter of Paris, Tolbiac street, it is close to the National Library which is very convenient. The center held weekly seminar and bring important scholars along the year to give lectures and direct seminars. It has been therefore a prolific environment for my research. The EHESS has been- since its foundation in the 1947 by Lucien Febvre- very open to Jewish Studies among other religious studies. Therefore whereas Universities in France have neglected Jewish Studies, important scholars along the 20 and 21 century have been able to contribute important researches.  Read More